Instaflex Reviews reveal interesting joint relief answers

Do Instaflex’s Ingredients Really work?

Dietary supplements are very difficult to keep up with.  There are constantly new ingredients, or ancient ones, that have been found to treat this symptom or relieve that pain.

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Turmeric has been being used for a multitude of treatments for years, although recently it has made its way into joint pain relief.  While there is some skepticism as to whether Turmeric is powerful enough to heal aching joints, prominent joint relief brands such as Instaflex tout turmeric as highly effective.

Turmeric is primarily known as a spice that is commonly used in cooking.  It is a relative of the ginger root and while often enjoyed in culinary circles, it has many other uses as well.  Turmeric has been being used in India for medicinal reasons, although primarily due to the fact that one of Turmeric’s qualities is that it is anti-,microbial.  Over the past 3-4 years however there has been many new clinical studies of the qualities of Turmeric, with a variety of uses and applications.

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 Most of the studies surrounding Turmeric are directly related to cancer, or chemotherapy.  While arthritis does play a small role in the studies, most of the attention is placed on other chronic illnesses such as Altzheimer’s or diabetes.  The fact is that Turmeric is anti fungal, anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory, all of which are rather useful in a variety of medical uses.  However, it is the anti-inflammatory properties that are tied to joint pain relief.

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Joint pain is very difficult to deal with.  Whether it is the SI Joints, knees, or small joints of the fingers, the pain can be intense, and constant.  Effectively removing inflammation is a critical aspect of joint pain relief.  We were interested to see if Turmeric was powerful enough to deliver.

Throughout our investigation of joint pain remedies specific to Turmeric, we found that a number of leading brands contain Turmeric.  Instaflex is perhaps the most visible of the brands, but also Pain Defense Advanced Defense also contains the asian spice.  Puritan also carries joint products that contain turmeric.  What we found interesting, however is that many of the users of Turmeric are unconvinced that it works.  Turmeric when taking by itself does not seem to be consistently effective.  While it does reduce inflammation in limited capacity, the concentration of Turmeric needed far exceeds what most joint pills contain.  It leaves you with more questions that it answers.

Essentially, there are clinical studies that suggest that there may be some benefit to using Turmeric as a joint pain relieving agent.  The problem is that there seems to be very little ‘real world’ proof that it works.  There are joint pill manufacturers like Instaflex that swear it works, but aside from that very little concrete, documented proof.  While the products that contain turmeric may work to relieve joint pain, in our opinion there is very little evidence to support that it is the turmeric that is causing the relief.  More likely, the other ingredients in these products are doing the relieving and these Brands are simply capitalizing on the “sizzle” or popularity of Turmeric to sell their products.

In our opinion there are far better active ingredients out there to relieve joint pain.  Do not get caught up in the “hype.”  If the active ingredients do not have real world, medical applications you should be weary.  Don’t fall for the gimmicks, use trusted and verified ingredients with a long, well documented history or success.  Read Reviews of Our Best Joint Pain Pill.