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Tech Speaking -GILD pre-earnings

GILD has been in a downtrend channel since peaking last year but this is not news if you look at most other Biotechs.

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Technically Speaking - SBUX Is Reporting

Technically Speaking – SBUX Is Reporting

SBUX reported and as this is being written, the shares are slightly lower.

Tinder Time For Oil

Tinder Time For Oil

What can I say? It’s the weekend.

Technically Speaking - IBB

Technically Speaking – IBB

Biotechs are beginning to report. Today we have BIIB reporting.

Sevens Morning Market Report

Sevens Morning Market Report

Good morning!

Technically Speaking - What's up with Gold?

Technically Speaking – What’s up with Gold?

Gold is coming off its previous peak levels as Bonds are doing the same and the stock market has ramped up.